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Edge of Time is a small co-operative of publishers, specialising in alternatives.
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William has been publishing his lunar Moonwise Calendars and Diaries for many years. He was also one of the founding members of Diggers & Dreamers.
Chris and Jonathan have continued to edit D&D since the start, and others have joined them. The range has hugely expanded to include histories of the movement as a whole and of some individual communities. Hop over to the D&D website for much more, including an up-to-date online directory and a messaging facility.
William played demo versions of his friend Graham’s games Dicewords and Juggler and liked them so much he wanted Edge of Time to sell them. Both are exciting new word games that take only a few minutes to play. Dicewords in particular lends itself to co-operative play, even when you start it as a competitive game!
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Our Other Books are among those others that we have been involved with. They are all interesting in their own right, and most have a political and spiritual significance. Some are by past and present contributors to the Moonwise Diary and Calendar. Do check them out!